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What Makes Aussies Happy?

63% of Australians are happier with their life when financially confident           (Rabodirect Happiness Report, 2017)

You may have multiple super funds, accounts, credit cards or insurance policies that gives you the feeling that your finances are in chaos.

With big plans for your future, it is important to gain clarity and control so that you feel confident with your money.

Our award winning financial planning service has helped hundreds of clients to bring order to their money.

Most importantly, it has kept them from ever entering into chaos again.

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A Modern Financial Planning Model

A Proven Coaching Model to help you succeed with money

Developed over 30 years ago by Sir John Whitmore, and utilised globally as a high performance coaching model, Polaris Financial implement the successful G.R.O.W framework to build your control and confidence with money.

A simple, yet highly effective summary of the G.R.O.W process is to consider:-

  • Goal – Think of what your future financial goals are and we have questionnaires to assist.
  • Reality – Where are you today with your money clarified by understanding your income, expenses, assets and liabilities.
  • Options – At our meeting, we will discuss strategies available for you such as debt reduction, tax planning, cashflow management, retirement saving and investment opportunities.  We explain clearly and simply the pro’s and con’s of choices along the way so that you have clarity of your choices.
  • Way Forward – Implementing the action plan is the most crucial part of simplifying and gaining confidence with money.  We will partner with you along the journey, and make sure you are prepared for the obstacles that you could meet along the way.

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